zaterdag 22 november 2014

She's alive !!!!!

Today I fixed the wiring,layed a gastank on and started kicking. Lots of compression and after a few kicks she fired up. I still need to fix a airfilter (started on that) I'll shoot a video next week.

zaterdag 15 november 2014

Some cool bikes


The exhaust is on. The liquids are in.  The carb is on but the airfilter didn't fit because of the oiltank. So I went back to the swapmeet and....

 Came home with this.... a Mikuni carb. Also scored a nice nos rib fender and 2 fined nos valve inspection cabs, but thet don't fit on the 650.


dinsdag 11 november 2014

Slowly getting there....

The engine is back in , the timing is set , the ignition is mounted , the valves are installed. I checked the clearance between the valves and pistons with clay. The engine will be finished Thursday if I don't need to work late.

zaterdag 8 november 2014

'56 pre unit swingarm frame

Today we went to Guy, who lives nearby. He had this frame for sale. We gonna make a hardtail of it in put 750cc T140 engine in it. With a Ceriani front end, 18" triumph front wheel with dunlop tyre , 16" triumph rear wheel with Englebert tyre. Wassel gastank.


First of all I had too take the engine apart again because they gave me the wrong outtake camshaft and I didn't checked it before installing. The cilinder head is also back , with new and bigger valves. Today I  picked up the tins (except the gastank). Got them mounted and started assembling the engine. Monday I'll be doing the rest....

donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Little update

Mounted the footpeg on the left , chain , clutch cable ,front brake line and prepared some small things. I ordered a new Brembo front brake master cilinder. Frank from spare & service is going to England next week and will bring all my parts that are in back order. The cilinderhead will also be ready by then. This weekend no work will be done.