zaterdag 13 december 2014


Tomorrow my girl and me are leaving for 3 weeks Indonesia

                                                    We'll be visting the Deus shops in Bali

Mock up T140

The '77 unit 750cc in the '56 pre unit frame. can't wait to start with this one .Brass oil tank , Ceriani front end, wassel gastank , wassel rib rear fender , ect... But first change the '46 a bit and solve some small issues;


Sorry for the lack of posts. We had some troubles with the oil return. After a lot of testing, oil spilling , fitting another new oil pump we found out that scavenge (sucking) holes (slot) are a little off. So I ordered a new Morgo oil pump. Also ordered an other stator for the alternator, so she should start better with the batteryless setup.

            The tank is painted with clear paint and needs to be polished...can't wait to see the result.

zondag 30 november 2014

Carb/airfilter setup

It came out nicely

 She starts good now but there is a probleme with the oil return. So we first need to figure out what's the probleme and than I'll shoot a video.

donderdag 27 november 2014

Our awnser to the carb/filter probleme

                                       I ordered this airfilter and will pick it up this saturday.

zaterdag 22 november 2014

She's alive !!!!!

Today I fixed the wiring,layed a gastank on and started kicking. Lots of compression and after a few kicks she fired up. I still need to fix a airfilter (started on that) I'll shoot a video next week.

zaterdag 15 november 2014

Some cool bikes


The exhaust is on. The liquids are in.  The carb is on but the airfilter didn't fit because of the oiltank. So I went back to the swapmeet and....

 Came home with this.... a Mikuni carb. Also scored a nice nos rib fender and 2 fined nos valve inspection cabs, but thet don't fit on the 650.