maandag 25 mei 2015


Yesterday we went to the Ciney swapmeet and found some wheels for the motobecane

J.A.P engine

Working on the timing

18" rear wheel

Yesterday I installed the 18" rear wheel. Found a real bargain for the rear tyre. Also bought an other front suspension to get the right lenght.

dinsdag 19 mei 2015


Today I took the 650 out for a testride, overall it was pretty good. Need to do some small adjustments.

Motobecane frame

While I was partying @ FCB. Johan worked on the frame for his motobecane which was a wreck. He made a complete new rear section and had to restore the front end legs.


Flanders chopper bash 2015

It was a full house. I didn't take much pics, to many cool rides.

dinsdag 12 mei 2015

Amal/airfilter for the 650 unit

Some good news today the 650 runs great with the amal and airfilter we fixed.


I took the pre unit out for a ride, after a few kilometers I started hearing the valve thicking louder. I stopped  at a friends place and noticed some leaking around the pushrod tube after further inspection....Now the rear rockerbox is cracked at several places... Lucky enough  Angelo sended me a set so... back to work again!!!!

zaterdag 9 mei 2015

Next week FCB !!!

See you there

Amal !!!!!

 I've had it with Mikuni carburator and it's issues so I mounted the amal back on. I need to fix something to mount the airfilter. I also ditched the external oilfilter because of bat oilreturn  and changed the sparkplug caps with ohm resistance caps...

Motobecane/JAP update

Johan worked on his frame, replaced some pieces of pipe and needs make a new rear section. It was in pretty bad shape
                 The front end is allmost ready except the head ballbearing which he's working on.

Pre unit ready again....

           New (old) rockerbox thanks to Angelo from sinner sypply and Flanders chopper bash
                                     Took her out for a little ride and torqued every bolt  again.